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Favorite Skin Care

My love with Blue Mercury’s m-61 line started over a year ago. My skin was dry and felt different. Did you know that your skin changes every seven years? I would get these random break-outs on the lower part of my chin and it felt dry. I rarely have issues and was very close to seeing a dermatologist.

However, I decided to try changing my skin-care first.  One Saturday afternoon, I went down to my local Blue Mercury in Westport, Connecticut where I met Tara. Tara, is a aestheticism and incredibly knowledgeable. We talked about my lifestyle,  my skincare routine and why I thought it might be time to change what I was using.

Enter m-61

Tara suggested I try their m-61 line. Created by Blue Mercury co-founder & CEO @marla.beck, the line is 100% free from harmful parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. What’s even better, you can try it for a few weeks and if it doesn’t work you can return.  Tara made me a few samples to try. That night I started using the Power Cleanse, Power Peel  and Hydra-boost Moisturizer and noticed a change immediately. One week later, I went back, bought the line and have been using ever since (this was about a year and 1/2 ago).

Power Cleanse

What is it?

Hard-working, pore-purifying glycolic face cleanser washes away dirt, makeup and excess oil without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Glycolic acid works to remove dead surface cells and deep clean pores, effectively removing bacteria and impurities. Tea tree extract and Vitamin B5 are added to improve the look of blemish-prone skin, and provide a hydrating and soothing effect.


Pore refining cleanser washes away impurities with a sulfate-free formula. Removes dead surface skin cells and improves the look of blemish-prone skin while hydrating and soothing. Perfect for acne-prone and dull or dry skin.

Key Ingriedients

  • Glycolic acid works to remove dead surface skin cells and bacteria, leaving skin feeling soft.
  • Tea tree extract helps improve the look of blemish-prone skin, while vitamin B5 hydrates and soothes irritation.

Source: Blue Mercury

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