Mom Stress is Real

Earlier this morning, I was watching Megyn Kelly Today on NBC and she was talking about ‘Mom Stress.’

What is Mom Stress?

Well, I’ll share an example. My plan was to launch this website on April 18th. On the 18th of every month, I celebrate a woman who inspires me. How perfect to launch the website with one of my best friends on April 18th. What could go wrong?

I had been working on the site for months. Content was written and uploaded. Photographs uploaded. Links tested. Pages looked great and I was ready to share with you! Bryn Howlett, my amazing Web Designer, moved the site to production and everything was working. Well, as I know all too well, technology is not perfect, nor is life. Shortly after announcing the launch, I started to receive a few texts from friends saying the pages were loading slowly and they were getting error messages. UGH! Really?

Behind the scenes. It was 12 PM and I was at the grocery store. The texts kept coming in, “Renee, the site is slow, but looks great!” “Renee, love the site, but  I keep getting an internal server error.” Sigh. Meanwhile, I was in Trader Joe’s trying to get to the register and get home. I had so much to do that day and could not drop everything for my site (but I wanted too).

I rushed home to briefly check the site. I had one hour before I had to head back out and pick-up child #2 at track (4:30 PM), get her home for a quick snack drop child #2 at soccer practice (by 5 pm), pick up child #1 from track practice at 5:30 PM and bring her home so she could start homework, at 6 PM pick up child #2 once soccer practice was over and get back home to cook dinner (we eat dinner, together, as a family almost every night). Child #3 was along for the ride.

While all this was happening the Go Daddy servers (that hosts my website) was still having issues and my brand new website was displaying the message, Internal Server Error! The stress was building, but Bryn was on it, thank God for him!


This may not be the best example, but it’s one of thousands.

We can only manage and control so much. We don’t often talk about the day to day parenting stress, but guess what, it’s always there. In the world of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook or whatever you prefer, why don’t we share the real stuff? The stress. The unfiltered reality of our lives.

I will do my best to share the behind the scenes and talk about the ‘not so perfect days’ and I hope you do too!

Be honest. Be real. Share. Don’t sugar coat the insanity, we are all experiencing something and it’s nice to know that other moms (and dads) are going through it too.



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