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Renée Macisco

  • Founder of 18th Style
  • 18th Style is a lifestyle brand focusing on the ups and downs of everyday life.

  • I am originally from the Black Rock neighborhood in Bridgeport, CT (a neighboring city to Fairfield proper). I now live in Fairfield and have been here for 10 years. I was living in New York for a few years prior and then Southern California and Boston before that.

  • My mission is to inspire and empower women and girls. To support each other. I want my kids and all girls to know that friendships with women are so important, and even more important than we realize when we are younger. I think it takes years for women to realize how important we really are to each other. The unfortunate truth is women are incredibly competitive with one another. I’ve always believed that we are truly stronger together. I am blessed to be surrounded by women who are loyal, beautiful, intelligent and strong.

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