It’s a New Year, let your confidence shine!

By Renée Macisco, Southport Neighbors, January 2019

The holidays have passed, it’s 2019, and our New Year’s resolutions are front and center. What are your goals for the new year? I am sure many of you have a list of things you hope to accomplish in 2019.

Perhaps it’s starting a fitness program, enrolling in a class, or starting a new business. Before you start, take a minute and ask yourself these two questions, “Why am I doing this, and what is my ultimate goal?”

Many of us tend to have a “greatest hits” album on repeat: diet and exercise, read more, spend less time on social media. Resolving to make sweeping external changes is a daunting task, and the outward, public accountability can intimidate us into giving up before we even get started. The idea is not to abandon ship, but to change your perspective. Sure, we all like to hear ‘Have you lost weight?’ or ‘You look great!’, but those are fleeting insta-gratifications.

Superficialities are one thing, but they will never offer you the enduring satisfaction and personal growth of introspection. The greatest changes come from within! One of the most important things a person can work on is self-confidence. Is that on your list? The aforementioned are important, don’t get me wrong, but why not add “self-care/improve self-confidence” to the list? Did you know that self-confidence is linked to your happiness and almost every aspect of your life?

It’s true. Think about it.

The more confident you become, the less you tend to worry about whether you can or cannot do something. Think back to when you were in school. Whether it is setting a school record, failing a test, or closing a deal for your company, confidence is born through perseverance, failure and success.

Failure and success allow us to grow, and with each you will find that you have more confidence, drive and passion, to pursue other things in life. Things that you might not have otherwise tried. The more you fail, the more you actually succeed and build your confidence along the way.

It’s not just kids that struggle with self-confidence, adults do too. As adults, we’re expected to have it all figured out and not to care anymore. Truth is, many adults didn’t figure it out as kids, and still struggle. Selfconfidence is not something that happens overnight, but rather over a lifetime spent navigating those same successes and failures.

Keep that in mind as you consider your 2019 goals. Push yourself, try new things. By no means do I have this all figured out. I have learned that self-confidence and believing in one’s self leads us down paths we may have never otherwise ventured.

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” – Oprah Winfrey

The Marks Family (Melanie was 18th Style Inspirational Woman, May 2017
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