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Inspirational Women: Shannon

Every month on the 18th, I celebrate the strong, intelligent and kind women in my life.

This month, meet my friend Shannon Taylor Pappas.

Shannon and I met over 10 years ago. Her husband is a dear friend of mine from college. She is a badass, hardworking, compassionate amazing woman. Her titles include mom of four, wife and #CEO!


18th Style: Where are you from?
Lisa: California

18th Style: What’s your day job?

Shannon: I am CEO of Intelligent Quisine

18th Style: What does style mean to you?

Shannon: Style to me is a way to express yourself without saying a word. My outfit today is a pair of rag & bone jeans, a Banana Republic blazer with some fun heels. When I head to the office I like to be focused, serious and productive but also have a casual and fun side so the ideas and energy can flow!

As a mother of four young kids, my work style is inspired by all the working moms out there. It’s a bit of skill mixed with pure luck to get out of the house with the outfit you intended to wear. But it’s also a way to transform into a new head space and get my working day started on a good foot!

18th Style: What’s your favorite store or brand?

Shannon: It depends but I love to workout so outside of the office I’d have to say that lately I really love Spiritual Gangster

18th Style: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to other women?

Shannon: “My wish for all women is that we find a way to lift each other up and not step on each other to get what we want. And that we teach our daughters (and sons) to do the same. Perform a kind deed for another woman and help lift her up! “

About Shannon’s Outfit (shop it)
Jeans: rag & bone

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