Inspirational Women: March 2018, Susan

Every month on the 18th, I celebrate the strong, intelligent and kind women in my life.

This month meet Susan, owner of  The Nutrient Diaries, all plant based nutrition and all things health and wellness.

Susan and I met about two years ago. Her fiancé is my friend and fitness trainer, Bill. I would see her at the gym and we naturally just became friends.

She is one of a kind and I think she’s just awesome. I recently sat down with her and chatted about life, her upcoming wedding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


18th Style: Where are you from?
Susan: Fairfield, CT

18th Style: Tell me about your day job? What do you do?

Susan: I’m currently a dental hygienist. I’m hoping to go into nutrition and/or food in some capacity.

18th Style: What is The Nutrient Diaries?

Susan: The place where I can share what I’m most passionate about: plant based nutrition and all things health and wellness. (give her a follow on Instagram)

18th Style: Whats your hope for TND it is it just for fun?

Susan: It started out as a creative outlet, where I can share food and nutrition information. I see it growing into a place for inspiration and education on plant based eating. I love that what I post gives people ideas to try new foods and incorporate healthier meals. I hope that I’ll have more time to dedicate to it soon!

18th Style: How do you spend your free time?

Susan: I prioritize exercise, so any days off I make sure to get my workout in. If not the gym, I love doing anything physical (yoga, hiking, etc). During my scarce free time, I really appreciate time to myself, to be creative.

18th Style: Who inspires you?

Susan: My soon to be husband, Bill! Since I’ve known him, he’s inspired a transformation in me; to be more mindful and positive. When I’m a spiraling ball of stress, he brings me back down to earth. He reminds me to stop and think about what’s really important. And he’s always encouraging me to do what I want.

18th Style: Who inspires style and what’s your favorite store or brand?

Susan: Free People and Jen’s Pirate Booty.

18th Style: How would you describe your style?

Susan: It’s rare that I’m not in scrubs or gym attire. However, when I can wear real clothes, I always gravitate towards earthy, natural colors and fabrics. With a California/ beachy vibe.

18th Style: Favorite quote or saying?


“Every little thing is gonna be alright.”

– Bob Marley.

It’s very calming.

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