Inspirational Woman: August 2018, Barbara

Every month on the 18th, I celebrate the strong, intelligent and kind women in my life.

This month, meet Barbara, entrepreneur (founder of BLF Entertainment).

We met and became friends during college. There are many things I love and admire about Barbara: her free spirit, kind heart, drive and determination are just a few.

She is a sweetheart and I hope you enjoy reading about her.


18th Style: Where are you originally from and where do you live now?

Barbara: I am originally from Montreal, CANADA and proud. I currently live In NYC, although I consider myself part anglophone and part Southern (haha!).

18th Style: Tell us about your background.

Barbara:  I was raised in a large Jewish family, very social, very loud, loving and happening! My house was the center of where all the action took place!

18th Style: What is BLF Entertainment?

Barbara: BLF Entertainment is a talent management company that represents actors and actresses for TV, film and, Theater (Broadway) both on and off Broadway.

I also am involved in producing several film and TV projects. The most exciting project coming up is my novel entitled “Failing Upward.” It has the same DNA as Bridget Jones, perhaps, more of a “Modern” Bridget Jones!

FAILING UPWARD also tears a page from Lena Dunham’s playbook with a character navigating her twenties “one mistake a time,” not unlike Hannah from the hit television show Girls. Andy Sachs, the heroine of Revenge Wears Prada: all these heroines on and an epic journey of self-discovery.

Very timely and female driven.

18th Style: As an entrepreneur what advice do you have for those balancing their day job and life?

Barbara: My answer is simple- You need to TURN off your phone!

You need to have balance and set boundaries and put stock into whom you are sitting across from, a dream friend once said to me, make sure- you keep your apartment separate.

Make sure you have rooms where you DO NOT work, they are your “play ” rooms, or social rooms so to speak, otherwise it is 24/7.

Make sure you LIVE.

I travel, I keep up with my friends, I cycle, I make sure I am the best Auntie possible, I turn my phone off when I am having a meal with others- as much as possible.

18th Style: What do you love most about your job?

Barbara: I love when I DEFY gravity! I love turning NO into YES, I love creating, being out of the box.

18th Style: Who or what inspires you?

My late grandfather was my biggest inspiration as was was probably the greatest influence on my life to date. He was a rags to riches story and all the while, helped many people along the way. I still hear endless stories from people all over the world on how he helped them, it is incredible.

My father is another HUGE inspiration to me. He is one of the most brilliant yet humble people I have ever known. People everywhere seek his advice. He is my rock.

With regard to the business, I feel privileged to have relationships where I go to different people for different things, I think Ken Weinrib is a big inspiration and mentor for me.

18th Style: What is your favorite place to travel and why?

Barbara: I love EUROPE, because they work to live. I can’t say that I have one favorite place. I definitely would say London has a piece of my heart, although this past trip, it was all work, little play.

Bordeaux is pretty chic too. I also LOVE Charleston, I am a total foodie so no where is more charming and FUN!

18th Style: What is your favorite Broadway show and why?

Barbara: My all time favorite Broadway show is BLOOD BROTHERS by Willy Russell the original one, I saw it in London on the West End.

18th Style: Name one thing you want to do in life that you have not done yet.

Barbara: I want to Run the Boston Marathon …(unsure I ever can with my permanent knee condition, but hey anything is possible…)

18th Style: I always love ending an interview with this question. What is your favorite quote?

“In the end only three things matter: how much loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

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