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About two years ago, I was standing outside my friends interior design shop in Westport, CT. It’s across the street from the train station headed to NYC.⁣

I noticed a woman walking in my direction toward the train platform.⁣

She looked beautiful. 

Guess what, I did…?⁣

I told her how pretty she looked and that I loved her dress.

She was wearing a chic little black summer dress, Chanel purse and shoes. 

She stopped and said, “thank you so much, I wasn’t sure if it was too short to wear at my age.”⁣

(Aside: She was maybe in her late 40’s early 50’s. Not old at all.)⁣

I told her that she looked beautiful and I meant it. 

She smiled and thanked me.⁣

As she continued her hustle toward the train, I noticed the zipper on the back of her dress was not zipped all the way up.⁣⁣

I politely yelled and ran up to her to tell her and pointed out her ‘almost wardrobe malfunction.’⁣

She allowed me to zip her up and graciously thanked me again with an even bigger smile.⁣

It’s just a simple reminder that it doesn’t take much to be kind. It doesn’t take much to stop competing and start supporting each other. ⁣

So please, stop the competition.⁣

We need each other. ⁣

Let’s support each other. Isn’t that the story we want to tell? 

“Be the type of person who cheers on others, compliments strangers, and encourages people to believe in themselves. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.”





Life is Full of Interruptions and Complications

One of my favorite lines from ‘Love Actually’, and I have many, is “Life is full of interruptions and complications.” 

These disruptions are not always convenient and often force us to pivot.

As a divorced, single mom of three, I know it’s not always easy to ‘just pivot’ but over time I learned it was necessary. 

For example, this is the first article I’ve written here in a long time. Partly because our world was turned upside with the COVID lockdowns and the other because I had to pivot.

I was spinning my wheels as usual working full-time, granted from home, but still working 50+ hours a week, focusing on my kids, my health, staying connected with friends over weekly Zoom happy hour calls and keeping up with 18th Style on Instagram.

I knew something had to give, so I chose to focus on my kids, my health, my friends and my day job.

I know 2020 was a very difficult year for so many and I’m deeply sorry to those who lost loved ones, lost their jobs and suffered setbacks. 

2020 for me, was a year where I was able to spend time with my kids. Time that I will never get back, a time that I am forever grateful for. My oldest leaves for college in September and I can’t imagine what life is going to be like without her here with me everyday.

So as we look ahead, there will be more interruptions and complications, it’s life…but perhaps we can try and focus on what’s in front of us today. Our friends, our family and the little things because as they say…

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things

Kurt Vonnegut






My dear friend Lisa stopped by yesterday.  It had been a few months since we last saw one another (she only lives 15 mins away , but we text almost every day). We were talking and just catching up. She has two boys 2 1/2 and 2 1/2 months. She is a rock star mom. Gets up early before the kids to meal prep, do laundry and everything else that we moms like to do, without distraction, before the kids wake up. Oh and she gets dressed, puts on some makeup and makes time for her. We were talking about

I was telling her about the launch of my website and she asked me a question, “Could I please talk about about being a ‘real mom.” I am sure you might be thinking, ‘what is a real mom?’

Being a real mom is sharing the good, the bad and the real. That our kids are not perfect and that it’s ok to be a mom AND take care of yourself. That you can be a great mom, eat healthy, workout, get dressed, go to work and put on makeup. That it’s ok to make yourself a priority too.

I am the mom of three girls, they are my priority and I adore them. But it’s not always pretty or perfect and it’s difficult. Think about this, we are moms are raising these children to be decent human beings with character and integrity, while trying to maintain our own sense of self.

I think many of us put our kids first so much, that we forget about ourselves. We’re so busy trying to be the perfect parent (which does not exist), many trying to make up for our parents mistakes, some of us helicopter parent, some go above, beyond or way overboard to compensate for our parents short-comings and I get it.

Unfortunately, along the way, I believe that we forget about ourselves. Remember, that you were Lisa, or Dawn or Renee BEFORE you had children and you’re still that person, a little different, but the same.

We are all so busy with our day to day lives, that we don’t block any ‘me time’ in to our days. So let’s make a conscious effort to do that,it may not easy, but try.

I know some days it’s not easy.  I always plan my week: kids ‘stuff’, work, fitness…everything. Schedule the time, it helps!

My goal on these pages is to share my life and experiences. Past, present and the overall journey as Lisa calls, ‘momming.’

I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be. I am a mom, just like you, navigating these crazy waters.






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